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Superheroes return to their roots with "himbo bodybuilders" Beef Bros

Beef Bros.
(Image credit: Tyrell Cannon/Fico Ossio/Taylor Esposito)

Superheroes have come a long way from being champions fighting for the working class like they were in the '30s and '40s, but they're coming back to that - with a couple of "himo bodybuilders" in Beef Bros.

Writer Aubrey Sitterson and artist Tyrell Cannon are mixing throwback superheroes with a side of modern culture with what they call an "aspirational leftist superhero comic."

"Huey and Ajax Beef are a couple of himbo bodybuilder superheroes who live their lives by a pretty simple pair of rules: Things work best when people work together and if you can help do it!" Sitterson tells Newsarama.

In this upcoming self-published one-shot, the Beef Bros. will fight "sadistic cops, greedy landlords, massive corporations, and even a pair of bootlicking rival superheroes."

Here's a five-page sample of the issue, as well as the cover:

"Beef Bros. takes ideas and values that, for generations, have been positioned as weak or feminine – things like charity, generosity, kindness, and love – and shows them being espoused by two yoked-up paragons of manhood. It's an antidote to toxic masculinity," Sitterson continues. "Beef Bros. is everything you love about superheroes, wrestling, action movies, and beat 'em up video games, but with all of the mean-spirited, hateful politics and ideology stripped away and replaced with something kind, aspirational, and revolutionary."

Sitterson and Cannon are raising funds on Kickstarter now for Beef Bros, with a goal of $15,000.

The 32-page Beef Bros. #1 goes on sale in April 2021.

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Chris Arrant
Chris Arrant

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