Superhero Movie review

The stench is still thick on the corpse of Meet The Spartans, but apparently filmgoers can’t get enough of lame-duck lampoons from Scary Movie alumni. And so comes Superhero Movie, a pudding-headed Spider-Man redux spackled with John Hughes nods and slathered with banana peels. After a chemical mishap on a school trip, nerdy loser Rick Riker (Drake Bell) becomes the almost-hero Dragonfly and then falls down a lot. Die-hard spoof nuts will relish the too-few scenes with Leslie Nielsen as Riker’s clueless, casually perverse Uncle Albert, but otherwise expect the usual stoner-brewed sight gags (Professor X’s wife and newborn baby are in wheelchairs too! Ha!), relentless pop-culture references, and a 10- minute end credits out-take reel that’s much funnier than the preceding 75.

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