Super Smash Bros Ultimate director says "work has finally come to an end" now that the Sora amiibo is here

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's director says "work has finally come to an end" on the Switch fighting game now that the Sora amiibo is here. 

On February 16, Masahiro Sakurai took to Twitter to celebrate the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate's final amiibo figure, Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Following the character's reveal back in 2021, fans have been eagerly waiting for the Keyblade wielder's amiibo figure and the wait is finally over. 

After praising the people involved in the amiibo's development, Sakurai writes (machine translated): "All the fighters have been converted into amiibo, and the 'Super Smash Bros Ultimate' work has finally come to an end" - breaking the hearts of fans everywhere. 

To be fair to Sakurai, we've had a steady flow of content for Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the last six years. Since the game's launch in 2018, there have been countless Fighters Pass DLCs that have added everyone from Banjo & Kazooie, Minecraft's Steve, Tekken's Kazuya, and more to the fighting game. Maybe it's time to put this specific iteration of the Nintendo brawler to bed. 

The main concern with Sakurai's comment is that this marks the end of the Super Smash Bros, or at least his work on the series. Shortly after Sora's reveal, the developer said he doesn't count on there being another game and that he's working on something new but it might have "nothing to do with game production."

It's important to remember that the Super Smash Bros games are not only a staple to Nintendo consoles but also have large gaps in between their releases. Basically, it's best to take Sakurai's comments with a grain of salt and keep our fingers crossed that we'll one day get a new Smash Bros game, perhaps for the mysterious Nintendo Switch 2

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