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Super Meat Boy to celebrate year anniversary on XBLA with sale and huge update

Public fights between a game’s publisher and developer might be fun to watch sometimes, but when they overshadow a game as awesome as Super Meat Boy, it’s ultimately a disservice to everyone. That’s why it’s nice to see Team Meat and Microsoft make up just in time to revel in the one year anniversary of Super Meat Boy’s launch. Not only will the game receive a big update, but SMB will go on sale next month for all those foolish enough to have not played it yet.

After the Team Meat devs publically talked about their issues with XBLA and Microsoft's treatment (which other developers defended Microsoft on) and saying the game sold twice as much on PC, Team Meat said on their blog that they’ve “patched things up” in time to celebrate Meat Boy’s launch. That celebration includes a temporary price cut, though we don’t know just how cheap it will be, or when it begins other than “next month.” Along with that comes a free update to the DLC section Teh Internets which will “add tons of new features” to the already content-rich downloadable.

If you somehow missed all those times we said Super Meat Boy is "the hardest game you'll ever love" and one of our favorite games of 2010, please listen now when we tell you to be sure to pick this up when it goes on sale next month. Otherwise we’re not sure we’ll be able to look you in the eye again.

Oct 24, 2011

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