Listen to the Super Mario Bros. theme played in Fallout 4

There's a lot of stuff you can do in Fallout 4 - including some you aren't really supposed to (*cough* infinite caps exploit *cough cough*). But one thing that has seemed to escape most players is the ability to create simple melodies by using pressure plates, something that YouTube channel Gunslinger Media shows off with their video of the Super Mario Bros. theme.

The fact that the people behind Gunslinger Media went through the effort to craft and customize the plates needed to make this happen is impressive enough, but there's something else that I find even more interesting. The pathway this tune creates has just the right number of plates to complete the tune, and it spirals outward to create a nice, evenly-sided square.

It's mathematically and musically satisfying - a Super Fibonacci Bros. Sequence, if you will.

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