Super Mario 3D World Best Buy listing adds credence to rumours of upcoming Switch port

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An SKU listing for Super Mario 3D World on Nintendo Switch has appeared on US retailer Best Buy's website, further fuelling previous rumours that Nintendo is planning to port the Wii U platformer (alongside several other Mario titles) onto its home-handheld hybrid to celebrate the plumber's 35th anniversary later this year.

As revealed by noted leaker Wario64, the Best Buy page lists "Super Mario 3D World - Nintendo Switch" for $60, with an SKU number of 6352130, though provides no images or information about a potential release date for the product. 

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(Image credit: Nintendo)

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It's possible that Best Buy is merely getting ahead of an official announcement from Nintendo following last month's report about the company's plans, but there's every chance that the retailer has been given details of the title in advance of the public reveal, which we can hopefully expect to be made in the next few weeks. 

Those earlier leaks state that Super Mario 3D World, which originally launched on the Wii U in 2013, will re-release on Nintendo Switch with brand new content, alongside remastered visuals and potentially even more unannounced features. 

It's rumoured to be joined by the likes of Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Sunshine, and more titles from the iconic hero's back catalogue of adventures. This appearance of an SKU listing certainly suggests the reports haven't been a bunch of hot air, so stay tuned for Nintendo's own official reveal of the ports if and when it's ready to make the announcement. 

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