Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is starting an entirely new leaderboard thanks to an absolutely broken build "far beyond what the game was balanced for"

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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is starting its leaderboard over from scratch after identifying a bugged effect whose power was scaling infinitely.

As game director Axel Rydby explained on the official Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Discord, the Burn status effect is bugged so that its power just scales and scales and scales at high Mastery levels, making it dramatically overpowered. Not only is it by far the most powerful affliction in the game, Rocksteady says it takes all of the challenge out of the endgame.

"We want you to surprise us with the powerful builds you find and construct," Rydby said. "We want you to continuously find a new meta and then break it by finding a better one. While there is no doubt that the Burn build is a really powerful and fun build - it should be! - we didn't intend for it to be the only viable End Game build for launch and beyond."

After some consideration, the developers decided they're going to nerf the hell out of Burn so that it scales as originally planned, but that only fixes part of the problem. Since players have been going hog-wild with overpowered Burn builds, leaderboards are all out of whack, which left Rocksteady with only one option. Burn it all down and start over.

"Since this change will be pretty fundamental to the leaderboards and your continued progression on them, we are committed to creating a new leaderboard for you all, so you can continue to explore the different builds in the game."

This all seems like very sensible solutions to a deeply rooted issue, but it's probably not entirely welcome news for those who've spent time making a broken Burn build and climbing up the existing leaderboard. But rest assured, Rocksteady said your dubious achievements will be immortalized in a separate tab that lets you and everyone else view your previous records.

"This new leaderboard for Finite Crisis will become the active one for all players, and in the leaderboard menu you will be able to swap back to watch your previous entries, glorified for all to see," said Rydby.

There's no release date for the patch just yet, but community manager Darroch Brown said it's planned for release "soon."

Love it or loathe it, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League deserves to be judged for what it is – not what it isn't.

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