Channelling Diablo 4, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is nerfing an overpowered endgame build

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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is pulling a bit of a Diablo and nerfing a wildly overpowered endgame build.

Rocksteady community manager Darroch Brown has taken to Twitter to confirm that the Suicide Squad studio plans to patch damage dealt from the Burning affliction. In short, the Burning affliction deals far more damage than it was meant to, especially at the endgame Mastery levels. 

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You might think, "Why nerf a build in a cooperative online game?" The answer is in Brown's tweet above - Rocksteady wants Suicide Squad players to try out and experiment with various builds at the Mastery endgame levels, not just stick to one build that deals a disproportionate amount of damage. 

"This should open up the diversity of builds at the high Mastery levels," Brown adds in the latter half of the tweet above. "There's still a few builds we've found at the studio we're yet to see discovered," the developer also adds, in a very tantalizing tease for endgame Suicide Squad players. 

We've seen this sort of thing play out time and time again with Diablo 4 over the past half-year. A player will find an exploit that allows them to deal way more damage than they're meant to, and so Blizzard nerfs the build, in the interest of keeping the endgame open and interesting for players who experiment and mix things up.

This is a lot different than when, say, Guerrilla nerfed Legendary weapons in Horizon Forbidden West. Players really weren't happy about the changes, and you can see why - Legendary weapons were barely more powerful than the tier of weapon directly beneath them. Forbidden West's crowd felt like they were restricted, rather than having endgame avenues opened up to them with a level playing field.

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