Stylish action FPS Bright Memory Infinite is coming to Xbox Series X

Bright Memory Infinite is coming to Xbox Series X, Microsoft announced at today's Inside Xbox event. 

The game's indie status belies its absolutely gorgeous environments and effects, which were painstakingly rendered using Unreal Engine. Yet surprisingly, Bright Memory Infinite is the product of one-man studio FYQD, which is mighty impressive after seeing its trailer.

To clarify, Bright Memory Infinite overhauls the entirety of the original Bright Memory and combines what were planned to be episodes one and two into a single package. The new trailer shows off its helter skelter combat, which mixes Bulletstorm-esque first-person shooting with acrobatic swordplay and even some RPG elements like skills and abilities, including a lasso turned grappling hook. 

There's a sharp, gunmetal sheen to Bright Memory Infinite which, paired with its contrasting fantasy elements, makes it hard to look away from. Likewise, its combat looks like a splendid maelstrom. It's like someone made a tech demo using every cool idea they had and then kept making it until it turned into sheer, madhouse fun. 

More details came from an Xbox Wire post. Bright Memory Infinite takes place in 2036, in a metropolis where a mysterious aerial phenomenon has emerged, confounding scientists and supernatural researchers around the world. Naturally, it's up to you to investigate events and discover the origins of the phenomenon, which seems to have ties to "an archaic mystery - an as-of-yet unknown history of two worlds." I mean sure, we're already mix-matching themes and fighting styles, so let's smash two worlds together too. 

Whenever Bright Memory Infinite is released on Xbox Series X - presumably well before 2036 - it's sure to be among its most visually impressive games, or at least visually striking. And thanks to Smart Delivery, it will also be accessible on all Xbox platforms. As for that release date, when we know, you'll know.

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Austin Wood

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