Stuntman 2 shots crash in

After a death-defying jump across a broken bridge, a tight squeeze between two juggernauts and a speedy drive through a collapsing building, the first Stuntman 2 shots have made their debut appearance and you can see them now by clicking the Images tab above.

While no solid gameplay details have been released, the shots show a variety of vehicles (dune buggies - yay!) and dusty looking desert and city street locations, so expect to prove your wheelman skills in a diverse range of motorized machines and movie scenarios.

We were fans of the original but, with load times that were as painful to endure as bumper-to-bumpertraffic and some sadistically tight objective time limits, it was just too fist-clenchingly frustrating to be a classic.

If the game's new developer, Paradigm Studios, can avoid these pitfalls then Stuntman 2 for PS3 and Xbox 360 should be an exploding barrel-roll of gasoline-flavored fun. And if it finds room to improve on the make-your-own-mayhem stunt arena, then we'll be very happy stunt bunnies indeed.

October 31, 2006

Matt Cundy
I don't have the energy to really hate anything properly. Most things I think are OK or inoffensively average. I do love quite a lot of stuff as well, though.