Stunning new Zelda: Phantom Hourglass shots

Phantom Hourglass is looking better every time Nintendo hits us with a new batch of screens, and this latest load is no exception.

Check out the detail in the house interior screen, or the way the sand kicks up in the dungeon and the water splashing off Link's boat out at sea. We've seen flatter water in PS2 games, and it's the sort of tech that you'd assume impossible on DS.

Other things to notice are the green hearts, which could have something to do with the Phantom Hourglass' protective properties against a power-draining curse, revealed recently. And check out the return of the shovel - that allowed you to dig for secrets in A Link to the Past - which can be seen in the item box of one of the screens.

To see the rest of the new screens, clickhereor find the Images tab at the top of the page. And expect more screens soon, along with impressions of the Japanese version, which launches in June.

May 30, 2007