Street Racing Syndicate: Cars and Lay-dees, basically

Street Racing Syndicate, developed by Eutechnyx and snapped up by Namco, aims to push two well worn brain-buttons - cars and girls. It's not big, it's not clever and... cor, eh? Ahem.

Focusing on the surely-so-big-it's-not-cool-anymore street import scene, SRS takes place on the streets of LA, Philly and Miami and stews in a now-customary soup of cops, car betting, paint jobs, parts and customisation. Well, it worked for Need for Speed: Underground.

If further incentive is needed, consider the opportunity to earn "the affections of 18 of the top models from the world of import racing and beyond". And by affections, they mean full motion video clips of the "girlfriends of your choice". Classy.

SRS should be titillating Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube owners some time this summer