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Street Fighter 5's story mode is so easy, a baby can beat it

Street Fighter 5, while fundamentally amazing, has been rightfully criticized for either lacking substantial features, or half-assing others. One such feature is its quote-unquote "Story" mode, which strings together three or four one-round fights unique to each fighter. They're worth finishing because they'll grant you some costume unlocks and a decent chunk of in-game currency, but they're laughably easy, and there's no way to alter the difficulty.

Now, you're probably thinking to yourself, "OK, sure, they're easy for you - how easy could they possibly be?" It's hard to describe in words, exactly, so I'm going to let a video (via r/StreetFighter) of an adorable six-month-old baby clobbering its way through Birdie's story mode do the talking:

YouTuber Papapaint's baby is a surprisingly adept button masher, making short work of Story Mode's ineffectual fighters. The match turns into a real teether at the end, though, when the baby gets distracted with only a single punch left to win the final round. All hope seems lost, when the baby suddenly regains interest, and in a drool-soaked frenzy, deals the finishing blow.

So, yeah. Here's hoping June's free cinematic story mode update requires a little more strategy. Papapaint's baby has three months of training until then.

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