The complete Street Fighter 5 roster


Street Fighter's bull-headed, Tyson-esque boxer is back, and thank goodness - Balrog and his devastating haymakers has always been a crowd-pleasing favorite throughout the series' history. He may not have any projectiles to speak of, but that hardly seems to matter when this charge character can rush down his opponent and start pummeling the bejesus out of them like they were sentient punching bags. And it'd be a crime to omit Balrog in a game that uses his beloved Fight Money as DLC currency.


Fighters that like to frustrate their enemies with a flurry of hard-to-read attacks will love this teenage ninja. Ibuki makes up for her relatively weak damage by having some of the trickiest mobility in the game, letting a skilled player dash circles around their confused opponent. Adding her to the Super Street Fighter 4 roster was a stroke of genius, and her aerial attacks and kunai-tossing should work just as well now as they first did in Street Fighter 3.


This sadistic antihero has the distinction of being SF's first South Korean fighter, and certainly made a splash when she debuted her lethal array of kicks in Super Street Fighter 4. Juri's Taekwondo attacks can tear opponents to shreds if they get trapped in the corner, and the power of the Feng Shui Engine encased in her modified eye can make for some seriously flashy combos. We're glad to see her return for SF5, because it guarantees more of her maniacal cackling and sultry taunts.


Everyone's favorite loincloth-wearing tyrant is officially confirmed for SF5. Ever since he debuted in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, he's been a fairly popular mid-to-high-tier character, knee-dropping and Chariot Tackle-ing his opponents into oblivion. His Aegis Reflector super move can also be a game-changer, bouncing back incoming projectiles and setting up nasty unblockables on knockdown. He might also just be the most naked male character in all of fighting games, which has to be worth something.