Street Fighter 5 Collector's Edition bundle includes a fight stick and PS Plus

If you're thinking about snagging the Street Fighter 5 Collector's Edition for PS4, you might want to consider checking out GameStop. While the CE itself will be available elsewhere, GameStop has 400 copies of an exclusive bundle that adds in a Mad Catz fight stick with a Chun-Li design and three months of PlayStation Plus.

Be forewarned that you'll need to put up some serious fight money for the bundle. Even on discount it rings in at a substantial $330 (normal retail price is $348). The Chun-Li fight stick normally sells for $230, the Collector's Edition is priced at $100, and three months of PS Plus usually run for $18. Added together and it's not much of a savings (and no savings if ordered at full price), so the real reason to get the bundle is the limited run of fight sticks.

Those can be hard to come by after a game is out, since they tend to be scooped up by enthusiasts and pro players faster than Blanka destroys a bonus round car.

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Sam Prell

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