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Cross your fingers, the Street Fighter 5 beta begins again on Friday

Once more, with fighting! Capcom plans to start the Street Fighter 5 PS4 beta back up again on Friday at 4 PM PDT / Saturday at 12 am BST for a five-day test, running through Wednesday at 7 am PDT / 3 pm BST.

This is technically the second beta test for Street Fighter 5, but Capcom called a mulligan on the first one after days of connectivity and matchmaking problems. That means you can still expect two more testing periods after this one, presumably with even more challengers from the Street Fighter 5 roster.

After getting good results from regional stress tests, Capcom expects the beta to run with significantly fewer problems: you should be able to reliably start and finish online matches this time (which is good, since that's pretty much the whole point of the beta).

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Connor Sheridan
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