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Street Fighter 5 adds Guile for its second DLC character

Hold on, before you start reading this story I kindly request you put on Guile's Theme in the background.

Ok, all set. Capcom has announced (opens in new tab) that Guile, the sonic-boom throwing, flat-top rocking, proud-to-serve United States Air Force major is the second DLC character for Street Fighter 5 (opens in new tab). Guile is headed to the game as part of its next big update (opens in new tab) later this month, and he'll be free to fight with until the microtransaction Zenny shop launches later this year.

It sounds like the biggest change for Guile fans is that he will now be able to advance while crouching using "Faultless Move". That means you can keep a Sonic Boom charged up and ready to throw without planting your feet (or knees), which should give players a ton of new options for pressuring opponents.

Guile's V-Skill, Sonic Blade, will let him send out a "stationary projectile" that powers up his Sonic Booms, his Solid Puncher V-Trigger throws out a stream of Sonic Booms with varying speeds based on which button you press, and his Sonic Hurricane Critical Art lets him fire out a huge, multi-hit projectile.

Guile will get his own set of Trials and a full Character Story, and he'll even arrive with the first DLC stage: Guile's Air Force Base. The recurring Street Fighter locale will be available in the shop for 70,000 Fight Money, while season pass owners will get both the level and Guile's Battle Costume for free.

Aside from the returning brawler, Capcom's working on a new system to punish folks who quit in the middle of matches (either out of rage or to preserve their rank) by locking them out for a set period of time. It also plans to make it easier to create and join Battle Lounges and to find more opponents via matchmaking.

Alright, you can pause Guile's Theme now. Though I do recommend you keep it playing for as long as possible.

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