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Straw Dogs poster unveiled

straw dogs

The first poster for James Marsden’s remake of Straw Dogs has gone online.

And there’s a distinct whiff of déjà vu about it, this new one sheet basically being an exact replica of the poster for Sam Peckinpah’s 1971 original.

That film starred Dustin Hoffman, and its poster featured the Hoff wearing a pair of smashed glasses.

With the poster for the remake, we get Marsden doing the smashed glasses thing instead, in black and white, sporting a similarly sinister expression.

It’s basically the exact same image (right down to the arrangement of the smashed lens), with the only addition to this new one sheet being Alexander Skarsgård’s face where Marsden’s eye should be.

Check out the poster below…

Should we expect similar copycatting from the remake itself? Or is this just a case of canny marketing?

Guess we'll find out when Straw Dogs opens 28 October 2011.