A spot-on Stranger Things fan theory predicted Vecna's twist way back in 2016

One and Eleven in Stranger Things
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Warning: spoilers for Stranger Things season 4, part 1 ahead...

Stranger Things season 4, part 1 ended with the reveal that Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) is actually One, the first test subject in Hawkins Laboratory. At the end of episode 7, we learn that Eleven was the one who sent him into the Upside Down after he killed all of the others at the lab. 

The twist came as a shock to many as it finally answered some major questions (you can read all about this in our Stranger Things 4, part 1 ending explained). However, a recently resurfaced interview suggests that the big reveal was actually predicted back in 2016.

At the time, the young cast of the show were invited for an interview with BUILD. During the conversation, they were quizzed on their favorite fan theories in the aftermath of the first season.

Dustin Henderson star Gaten Matarazzo shared his – which now listening back, sounds very familiar. He explained: "There’s this one in this video and he was saying how other test subjects, besides Eleven, One through Ten, most of them were dead, but the others were banished to the Upside Down. Like, they couldn’t get out.

"Because they were in the Upside Down for so long, and you can see that it had an effect on Will, it had an effect on them because they were in it for so long that they transformed into what was the monster. So the monster was a recent test subject."

Vecna in Stranger Things 4

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Eleven star Millie Bobby Brown gasped at the theory, before adding: "Basically I could be the monster!" While we don’t know yet if the other test subjects are also in the Upside Down – and what this means for Eleven – the theory from years ago seemingly predicted that one of them would become the monster. 

Many viewers have been shocked at the similarities between the theory and what actually happened at the end of Stranger Things 4, part 1. "This got to be the craziest thing I've overlooked so far," one wrote. "That's so accurate."

While a second commented: "This theory could possibly make sense now cause 001 said. 'They aren't gone. They are still with me,' referring to them living in his mind. And it even shows that he kept the bodies of Fred & Chrissy in the Upside Down."

Although, another pointed out: "This isn't exactly the same. Vecna is completely different and became Vecna immediately once entering the Upside Down, in terms of becoming a monster. It's going to be interesting to see how they will explain what he's been up to all this time while everything else was going on."

Two episodes are remaining of Stranger Things season 4 which will hopefully provide some more answers about Vecna’s motives. Check out our guide to the Stranger Things season 4 return date to make sure you don’t miss a moment.

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