Strange Call of Duty: Warzone bug awards team first place seconds after the match begins

Call of Duty Warzone
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A Call of Duty Warzone player was left bamboozled after a strange bug saw a match end seconds after starting.

The entertaining moment was captured by gencaykurtt on Reddit, who uploaded a clip titled "What is this sorcery?", showing off the incident in action.

In the video, we see the Call of Duty: Warzone match begin as all the players are waiting in the plane to drop down and start blasting people away, but that hectic gunfight never comes.

Seconds after dropping out of the plane, there's a brief black screen and then the results of the match appear, saying the player got first place in the game, even earning them some XP for 'Combat', which seems a bit on-the-nose, and misc XP.

The entire lobby seems to have been affected, as well, as you can see multiple voice chat icons popping up on the left side of the screen, most likely questioning what happened. Some of the comments on the post are discussing how it's happened to them, but the cause seems to be completely random.

Check out the brief clip below:

What is this sorcery ? from r/CODWarzone

It's currently unclear as to what caused this bug, but people in the comments of the post are joking it was down to having "the best gaming chair in the world" and too much RGB".

Another person commented that this exact bug has once happened to them, claiming that "Apparently the whole lobby gets first place, though it doesn’t count towards your wins," and that it also can happen in the Plunder game mode.

Regardless, it's not something we've ever encountered while playing. If like us, you can confidently say you're no stranger to losing in Warzone, getting some free XP from a random lobby win is a nice little gift if that's all that happens.

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