Storm of War: Battle of Britain

The most exciting flight simulation currently in production? You’re looking at it. Storm of War: Battle of Britain is what developer 1C:Maddox is living, breathing and dreaming at present. It’s completely new, it’s packed with genre firsts, and, most importantly, it stars the most beautiful weapon of war humanity has ever created.

Yes, we’re talking about the Fiat BR.20 bomber. Storm of War: Battle of Britain will feature at least 11 flyables (possibly as many as 30) and a couple of these, in recognition of the raids flown over Britain in 1940 by Mussolini’s air force, are going to be Italian aircraft.

Naturally, most of the cockpit-equipped crates will be a tad more famous. Spitfires, Hurricanes, Me-109s, Stukas, He-111s, Ju-88s and Blenheims are all being recreated in staggering detail. Having had the chance to sit in both the Hurri and Spit cockpits we can testify that no one has ever created more breathtakingly faithful virtual vehicle interiors.