Steam Summer Sale 2022 is live with savings on Neon White, V Rising, and more

Neon White
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The Steam Summer Sale 2022 is live with a ton of discounts on new games for 2022 as well as some you might've missed in years past.

The list of games on discount includes some that just recently launched to near universal acclaim, like the heart-pounding game of many genres, Neon White, and the retro brawler Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge. Two very different games for different crowds, but both have been very well received and both are on discount right now on Steam.

There are also some games on sale that might've slipped past your radar, whether that's due to Elden Ring's gluttonous shadow or an out-of-control backlog (yeah, sorry about that). For example, Ghostwire Tokyo might not have been an instant buy at the full $60-70, but we found a lot to love in its spooky, Yokai-filled vision of modern Tokyo and its surprisingly tragic side quests. At half price for Steam's Summer sale, it's absolutely worth checking out.

As we said at the start, the Steam Summer Sale 2022 is huge - there might literally be "a ton," as in 2 thousand, of discounted games - but we've picked through them and put together a list of some of the best deals on offer. It's always worth looking through the full selection yourself, but here's our own curated list of the best the Steam Summer Sale 2022 has to offer:

Steam Summer Sale 2022 best deals

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