Steam Deck could come in multiple colors

Steam Deck hands-on
(Image credit: Future)

The Steam Deck could be available in multiple colors, according to developer Valve.

In a new interview this past week with PC Gamer (opens in new tab), product designers Tucker Spofford and Greg Coomer dropped a few interesting details surrounding the forthcoming Steam Deck. Coomer says that internally at Valve, there were "even discussions like 'well, can we have lots of colours?'" before adding "we had all those discussions. We are continuing to have those now."

While this isn't confirmation in the slightest that the Steam Deck will be available in multiple colors at some point in the future, it's nice to be aware of the fact that Valve are having conversations on that topic right now. At the present time, the Steam Deck is only available in black, your pretty standard color for any console or handheld device.

In the interview, Coomer goes on to explain that one barrier preventing multiple colored versions of the Steam Deck is logistics, as it's harder to produce more SKUs of the same device in different colors. "We might do a lot more with that in the future," Coomber continues. "If this gets off the ground the way we hope it does, there's just tons of opportunity to do that later."

The Steam Deck is due to launch at some point later this year, for the standard retail price of $399/£349. Developers are due to start getting dev kits of the Steam Deck this week, and Valve has previously claimed that the device can handle every game available on Steam right now, although the Steam Deck will target 30FPS at native resolution, depending on the game you're playing.

For what we made of Valve's new device when we got to try it for ourselves last week, head over to our Steam Deck hands-on preview for more.

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