Stargate Atlantis 4.03 Reunion review

Original US airdate: 12/10/07

Written by: Paul Mullie, Joseph Mallozzi

Directed by: William Waring


The One Where: Ronon is reunited with three Satedans who had been in his squad during the Wraith attack, and it makes him question whether he wants to stay in Atlantis. When Sheppard’s team joins with the Satedans in attacking a Wraith lab, it’s revealed that the Satedans are in league with the Wraith, and Ronon must battle his former comrades to the death. Carter is announced as the new head of Atlantis.

Verdict: Predictable but enjoyable. The revelation that Ronon’s old buddies are in league with the Wraith isn’t a big surprise, but it’s well-told, and the climactic fight is well-choreographed. More character development for Ronon is always good too.

Bloody Hell! A surprisingly violent episode! Ronon gets his face slashed, Rakai is stabbed in the chest and Ara has her throat cut, all very clearly, on screen. Blimey.

Nitpick: A Wraith mentions “the Ancients”, but the Wraith have no reason to use that name: it came from humans.

Wraith Development: The Wraith torture prisoners by almost completely draining them of life, then restoring it, until they reach breaking point.

It’s Wossisname! Mark Dacascos (Tyre) is a martial arts expert who’s been in several action movies. He was in the TV series of The Crow.

LMAO: Love that offworld bloke at the start who thinks Teyla’s arrived for an arranged marriage. What a prat!

Best Line:
Carter (after squaring off against Ronon): "Wow. Is he always like that?"
McKay: "No. No, actually, you caught him on a good day."

Leah Holmes

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