Starfield seems to have leaked its own ESRB rating

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According to its own Twitter profile, Starfield has been rated Mature by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

It looks like Bethesda itself has leaked Starfield's ESRB rating. While it doesn't appear on the organization's website, if you head to Starfield's Twitter account and click on the banner image at the top, you'll see the ESRB classification clearly displayed near the top left corner.

The contents of Starfield that apparently earned it the Mature rating are as follows: "Violence, blood, suggestive themes, strong language, and use of drugs." That last one should come as no surprise to regular GamesRadar+ readers, as in March we reported on Australia giving Starfield a Restricted rating for, among other things, "interactive drug use."

Again, I'll stop short of calling this the official Starfield ESRB rating for now as it isn't publicly listed on the rating system's own record. That said, if it is the real deal, it isn't entirely surprising. As Starfield Beyond points out on Twitter, Fallout 76 also has a Mature rating for comparable reasons, and the same goes for Skyrim.

This tiny little morsel of information probably isn't nearly enough to sate Bethesda fans hungry for more of Starfield ahead of its September launch, but thankfully Xbox has promised "much, much more" will be revealed during its summer showcase. 

After Redfall launched with a big ol' thud this week, some Xbox fans are worried about what that suggests about how the company will handle Starfield's launch, but Xbox has spoken out to address those concerns

Either way, here's why Starfield is under more pressure than ever to perform after Redfall.

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