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Bethesda could be teasing more Starfield for its E3 2019 event

Bethesda is heading back to E3 2019 (opens in new tab) for its fifth annual event on June 9, and the show's announcement gif may have a teaser for Starfield (opens in new tab) hiding in plain sight - if you can call big, glittering stars "hiding". The animated image shows a crowd of Bethesda characters and fans staring up into a late evening sky together, the field of stars twinkling above them to form a #BE3 hashtag.

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Sidenote: if you don't know what the hell that Walmart Canada reference is about, you missed one of the strangest pre-E3 reveal seasons in recent memory (opens in new tab).

The stars/Starfield connection in the teaser image could be a coincidence, but it would be a weird move for Bethesda; we're all yearning for the silence to be broken after Starfield was announced at Bethesda's E3 2018 event. Its teaser trailer showed an unearthly world with a star emerging around its horizon, then a satellite or ship seemingly entering hyperspace (or whatever they call it in this sci-fi universe), finally concluding with a logo. In other words, Bethesda has a lot more to reveal about the game - especially since we know Starfield will arrive (opens in new tab) before the studio will put out Elder Scrolls 6 (opens in new tab)!

All that said, the only segment Bethesda has officially confirmed for the show is "an in-depth look at Doom Eternal (opens in new tab)." The company will likely sneak out a few more confirmations of featured games as E3 gets closer (for instance, Wolfenstein Youngblood (opens in new tab) probably still exists) and we'll keep you informed as it does.

Peer deeper into the future with this discussion from Todd Howard about which consoles Starfield could end up on (opens in new tab).

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