StarCraft II Tip of the Day: The Baneling Bust

StarCraft II has been kicking our ass, but we’ve been loving every minute of it. Still, if you’re tired of slumming it in the Silver or Bronze leagues, there are lots of excellent tutorial videos on YouTube that can help you add new strategies to your arsenal.

Today, we’d like to point you to one of our favorite StarCraft II video posters on YouTube, HDstarcraft. We love HD’s macro-centric approach to the game and his commentaries make watching pro-level matches really exciting. Check out his Baneling Bust tutorial below, which will be very helpful to beginning Zerg players who have a hard time with Terran opponents in the Bronze and Silver leagues.

HD describes the Baneling Bust as an ‘all-in’ build. It’ll be tough to recover if your opponent is prepared for it. But if he’s not, it’s great for breaking through those Supply Depot/Barracks walls that Terran players love to build to block off their ramp.

Above: When Terran players block off their ramp, it allows them to build up their economy without having to worry about you. Put some pressure on them early in the match with a fast Zergling and Baneling build!

Above: Let HDstarcraft teach you how to pull off a Baneling Bust and check out hisYouTube channelfor more excellent tutorials and replays

Aug 13, 2010