StarCraft II - part two

This is another tight-lipped, no-go area. The initial announcement was Blizzard vice president Chris Metzen's unsatisfying assertion that "everyone who survived will have their stories told." As more people nagged about the fourth race, this was extended to a promise that the Zerg/Protoss hybrid would be dealt with. In a meeting the next day, the only other scraps of plot information were that the game is set four years after the events of the previous game, and that people have been "having adventures" in the meantime. In other words, we were like dogs sniffing at the bottom of the bedroom door.

Are You Excited?
There's no doubt that there's tactical genius at work in the heart of Blizzard. And with all the money, talent and perfectionism at work in the company, there's almost no doubt StarCraft II will be a sublimely balanced strategy game in an expertly crafted universe with a staggeringly engaging plot.

That's just what we know Blizzard will give us. But will it be enough to supplant Korea's national pastime? And more relevantly, will the expectations of another country mean we get something not to our tastes? Likewe said though, Blizzardis amaster tactician; so you can start getting excited right about... now.