StarCraft II - part two

Another concern among our Korean pals was that, with the move to 3D, StarCraft II would be too much like Warcraft III, but such worries were soon dismissed. Warcraft III was a deliberate attempt to distinguish the two RTS franchises - it had a slower pace, fewer units, less focus on game economics, several skills per unit and a focus on RPG heroes.

StarCraft II, meanwhile, is a sequel to StarCraft in every way. Massive armies (think huge Zerg swarms), fast action, a strong emphasis on resource management and definitely no heroes. If you're looking for direct first-person unit control like Rise %26 Fall, or innovative display options like Supreme Commander, then take your ass to the back of the queue.

TV Appeal?
This might not be an issue of direct interest to the US, because the limit of our TV gaming coverage has traditionally been someone onQVC playing a PSP, screwing up their face and saying: "Well I don't get it, but apparently it's all the rage with the kiddies." But it's all-important to the Korean pro gaming circuit, and we'll definitely feel the impact of this.

For a start, the graphics will be clean. Particle effects won't be used for the sake of it, as all they do is obscure the action, and beam weapons won't be overdone for the same reason. It's not only the players who have to be able to see what's going on, it's a stadium full of oohing and aahing fans. Expect distinct, sharply animated units and vast, swarming battles - just don't expect crazy amounts of bloom, massive beam weapons and smoke all over the place.