Star Wars: The Old Republic is overhauling character creation, classes, and more as it turns 10

Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Star Wars: The Old Republic is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a slate of new content and a look to the future.

Yesterday on December 20, Star Wars: The Old Republic lead producer Keith Kanneg published a new blog post (opens in new tab) thanking players for their support over the past 10 years. In short, Kanneg gives a sneak peek at some improvements and changes that the developer is going to be making to The Old Republic after the new expansion, Legacy of the Sith, launches.

The developer has "multiple" patches and updates lined up throughout 2022, some of which will involve a civil war among The Mandalorian clans, the rise of notorious Sith characters, and more. There'll be new gear progression, as well as new single-player, multiplayer, Flashpoint, Operations, and Daily Arena additions throughout the coming year.

In fact, a big focus in the future of The Old Republic is what Kanneg calls the "modernization" of the game. The MMO is slated to receive a completely revamped character creator system, new features like Loadouts, an entirely new range of gameplay options through varying Combat Styles, and much more, with the aim of bringing The Old Republic up to speed with the MMORPGs surrounding it.

Finally, the Anniversary Event is live in The Old Republic, offering double XP events and much more, and actually runs for an entire year through to January 2023, bundling in new cosmetics from a dedicated anniversary vendor. There's also a special Old Republic-themed gun charm you can earn right now in Apex Legends until February 15, 2022.

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