Star Wars: Republic Commando Switch version will get a performance fix next month

Star Wars: Republic Commando
(Image credit: LucasArts)

The Star Wars: Republic Commando Switch port has some serious performance issues, and the developers hope to have a fix out early next month.

Star Wars: Republic Commando first came out in 2005, and it got an updated pair of ports for PS4 and Switch on April 6. While the PS4 version seems to handle just fine, Switch players have encountered low and inconsistent frame rates from day one. It's still playable, but you wouldn't expect a game that came out for the original Xbox to struggle this much on more modern hardware (even if it is hardware you can carry in a decently sized hoodie pocket).

Developer Aspyr has previously said that it's looking into the issue, and now it confirmed on its official Twitter account that it intends to have "a patch for all platforms in early May."

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Star Wars: Republic Commando follows a squadron of, well, Republic Commandos in a series of covert operations throughout the Clone Wars. Players control a squad leader in first-person battles while issuing orders to the rest of their wise-cracking team, using military squad tactics against alien mercenaries and Trade Federation droids. And this was way before Star Wars: The Bad Batch made ragtag bands of Clone Troopers a thing again.

With the ports fresh in our mind, Edge Magazine looked back at how Star Wars: Republic Commando set itself apart from its prequel trilogy source material by rejecting all things Jedi.

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