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Star Wars Rebellion Tips Hints

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    Basic Tips

    1. Always Keep at least fifty fighter squadrons at Coruscant or Alliance Headquarters.This is an easy defense from invading fleets. The sheer number of fighters is usually more than whats in a fleet and can hold off any main attack and can easily scare off the opposite side if they dont have more fighters.

    2. Let the enemy fleet come to you.In tactical mode. Wait for the enemy fleet to come to you. This forces him to move back across the battlespace to his side before jumping to hyperspace. This allows you to chase him down with your fighters and capital ships.

    3.When engaging in Commando type missions, use two or three other agents as decoys. This can often result in more successful missions.
    Starting Strategies

    Well It seems you've come to the right place to find hints to help your game. A s you can see I've already compiled a bunch of tips for you above. I shall continue to provide my vast expertise to help you. Just dont use it against me.

    1.Use initial fleets to blockade opposing sides ship yards.Any factory complex won't build while under blockcade. This will allow you to get a head start on the other side.

    2.Find any starting construction yards and have them build more yards on the same world. Rather than builing yards on other worlds which will take 40 or more turns, Each additional yard will build faster. then once the world is full of yards then build on other planets far faster than otherwise.

    3.Use your initial transports and troops to explore and control rim sectors. Remember, Any world you dont control, The enemy can. Besides with mines and refineries on those rim worlds, you can afford larger fleets.

    4.Find your diplomats and deploy them to other core systems.Any character with a diplomacy skill of at least 80 is good. The lower skilled diplomats will improve with use.

    5.Use the Emperor or Mon Mothma for recruiting.Keep sending them on recruitment missions on their starting systems. This will build up a pool of free agents. Once recruitment is finished, bring Luke or Vader back. They will then find any trainees in the pool.

    6.Once trainees are found dedicate Vader or Luke to Jedi training. There's nothing like a Jedi diplomat to sway the allegiance of any world.