Star Wars: The Old Republic goes cruising in Voidstar Warzone trailer

BioWare released a new Star Wars: The Old Republic video teasing the third Player-versus-Player Warzone in its forthcoming MMO. See how you'll be swinging lightsabers for the forces of good or evil aboard the Voidstar Imperial Battle Cruiser in the studio's latest gameplay trailer:

Voidstar is an objective based PvP map in which teams of eight will take turns attacking and defending the data core on an abandoned ship thought to contain the schematics to a new and powerful weapon. In the event both sides are successful in breaching the core during their respective turns, the winning side will be determined by which team was better at performing its objectives.

This is the third 'Warzone' scheduled to launch with Star Wars: Old Republic. The others include Huttball, a PvP outing wherein two teams face-off in a deadly game of space-rugby on the Smuggler's Moon of Nar Shaddaa; and Alderaan, an instance in which Empire and Republic players compete for control over laser cannons on the surface of the familiar Star Wars locale. More details on all three PvP events are now available on BioWare's site.

Star Wars: The Old Republic brings the intergalactic war to PCs on December 20th, 2011.

Oct 31, 2011

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