Star Wars: The Old Republic glitch lets you boogie to immortality via an impenetrable shield of DANCE

If only the citizens of Alderaan had been given mandatory dance lessons at a young age. Millions of innocent lives could have been saved. Hell, if Anakin's mum had been a bit more willing to boogie in the face of danger, she might have survived that incident with the Tusken Raiders, and Darth Vader might never have happened in the first place.

That's the lesson it seems we are to learn from this newly-discovered phenomenon in EA and BioWare's mammoth MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. If in doubt during a particularly brutal throwdown, hit the '/getdown' console command in order to make your character dance. It seems they'll interrupt incoming attacks and become invulnerable for the duration of their shape-throwing, perhaps invoking some hitherto little-known Force-swirling technique to bogle up an invisible protective barrier about their person. Or, you know, maybe it's just an awesome glitch.

It's bound to be patched out any second now, but in the meantime, jig those lasers away to your heart's content. Or not, depending on how unfavourably BioWare might be look upon the use of exploits. There's probably some kind of 'Dark Lord of the dance' pun to be made here, but I'm certainly bloody not going to be the one to make it.

David Houghton
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