Star Wars: Lethal Alliance hands-on

When it comes time to play as Zeeo, things control a little differently. Using the d-pad to move forward and strafe, you use the touch screen to aim. It feels a little like Metroid Prime Hunters, but from what we've seen, you don't actually fight. You get sent on errands by having to dodge said mines and lasers until you are able to communicate with a computer. This brings up a minigame that if you're successful, will grant passage for Rianna to continue.

One minigame has you rolling a block with a symbol on it around a grid. The point is to keep rolling until the side with the symbol lands on the square designated with the symbol before the time runs out. Not very challenging but it gets the ol' noodle cooking. Another minigame has you memorizing the order in which a 3X3 grid lights up. Use the stylus to touch the order. Fail three times and start all over. Oh and it helps that Zeeo gives you hints just in case your brain has been on too many death sticks.

The camera is controlled with the L and R buttons and it seems there's no other away around that, but at the moment, they are way too sensitive. Tapping one will revolve the camera almost 90 degrees instantly. I'd like to see where my assailants are by having more control over what I'm looking at, thank you.

Although Lethal Alliance will also be released on the PSP, the DS version makes great use of the touch pad which adds variety and puzzle-solving to an already fun action-shooter. Hopefully Ubisoft can touch up some of the graphical quality to be on par with the PSP in time for its December release. And may the force... et cetera.