Holy Sith, Star Wars Jedi Survivor takes up 155GB on PC

Star Wars Jedi Survivor
(Image credit: EA)

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has released its official PC specs, and your hard drive is going to cry when it hears how much space you'll need to install this absolute unit of a game.

As flagged by the ever-watchful eye of Shinobi on Twitter, EA has revealed that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor takes up an eye-watering 155 GB of hard drive space on PC. To put that into context, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's predecessor, Fallen Order, takes up just 55 GB on PC - a whole 100 gigs fewer. Red Dead Redemption 2, an intensely graphically demanding game with a massive open world, asks for just 120 GB of your hard drive space. The latest Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2, just 125 GB. Even Microsoft frikkin' Flight Simulator - a game striving to simulate most major cities on the planet - weighs in at 150 GB, still a few gigs shy of the King, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

It's a little weird because, aside from the ludicrous file size, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor isn't a particularly demanding game on PC. The minimum setup required to play is a Ryzen 5 1400 and RX 580 combo with just 8 GB of RAM. The recommended PC specs are a little higher, naturally, asking for a Ryzen 5 5600X and RX 6700 XT with at least 16 GB of RAM, but that's still isn't out of the ordinary for a big AAA game releasing in 2023. It's really just the hard drive requirement that's an anomaly here, and well, here's hoping they can eventually patch that down to a more reasonable ask.

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