Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption - hands-on

The Consortium has a space fleet as well, comprised of various pirate-class ships (remember the pirates in the first game?). Instead of overwhelming cruiser-class firepower, Consortium ships use sophisticated cloaking devices and stealth mines.

Once we spread our virus of Corruption and started raking in the dough, our fleet became strong enough to take on the big Empire and Rebel battle groups head-on. Empire at War is all about epic space battles - and they are as big as ever in Forces of Corruption. We had to be sneaky and evil about it though: come in cloaked, lay down mines, lure the big capital ships in with a decoy force and mop up the rest with our firepower.

The Empire benefits greatly in this expansion as well and gains two gigantic cruisers to its fleet - Vader's Super Star Destroyer Executor and the Emperor's flagship Eclipse. On the ground, devastating Dark Trooper droids are also a massive upgrade to infantry forces, and come in three deadly varieties. The phase one Dark Trooper is a relentless infantry carving machine, armed with razor-sharp blades and an arm-mounted blast shield. Later, the phase two Trooper gains a repulsorlift jet-pack and a powerful plasma shell assault cannon. The final, rarely-seen phase three Dark Trooper is a beastly goliath, possessing massive banks of shoulder-launched heat-seeking rockets.