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Your eyes were made to watch this 4K Star Wars Battlefront 'real life mod'

Star Wars Battlefront already looks better than the original trilogy, but with some shader tweaks and a resolution bump it gives real life a serious run for its credits. YouTuber jackfrags posted a video montage showing some of his adventures in Star Wars Battlefront using a modified version of shader injection tool SweetFX, 4K resolution, and whatever unthinkable monster of a gaming setup is capable of running all that at 60 frames per second.

Definitely watch the video in 4K if you have the bandwidth or can stomach the buffering. Even if your screen's resolution caps out at 1080p (like mine), it will still look crisper with fewer compression artifacts. For extra credit compare jackfrags' results to the Toddyhancer mod for Star Wars Battlefront. Either way you go, it's safe to say they look at least as good as that Endor reveal trailer that had many of us blinking in disbelief back in April.

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Connor Sheridan
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