Star Wars Battlefront gets its own PS4 and it's... interesting

With the slew of special edition PS4s recently, we've been positively spoilt for choice when it comes to trying to convince ourselves not to buy a thing we already own. However, this new Star Wars Battlefront PS4 might not be as difficult to resist as say, Arkham Knight's offering or the glossy red Metal Gear Solid 5 PS4.

Etched with Darth himself on the main console and a repeating Star Wars logo, the 1TB PS4 comes with a customised high gloss DualShock 4 to match. Well, I say to match but the high gloss controller has one red button, one blue trigger and two white analogue sticks. While this of course replicates Vader's suit buttons, it does look a tad eccentric on a DualShock. For equal Star Wars-osity you could always just use the white controller and say it's a Storm Trooper.

While the console doesn't have the most original imagery - and why is the PS4 light going through his skull? - the console includes codes for four retro Star Wars titles that you might just be too young to have heard of. Super Star Wars (NES), Star Wars: Racer Revenge (PS2), Jedi Starfighter (PS2) and Star Wars Bounty Hunter (PS2) have all had a (much needed) graphical overhaul and been gifted with trophy support.

Come November 17th both Star Wars Battlefront and Disney Infinity 3.0 will get their very own Force related bundles. The Star Wars Battlefront bundle will include the console, the four retro games and a copy of the game, while the Disney Infinity 3.0 edition will come with the PlayStation Exclusive Hardware bundle kit. This includes a physical copy of Disney Infinity, the Rise Against The Empire Pack - which comes with Luke and Leia figures - and an exclusive Boba Fett figure.

If you don't fancy the games you can even get also get the console and retro games stand alone. No prices have been revealed as yet but what do you think? Is the Force strong in this PS4 or does it all just lead to suffering?

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Louise Blain

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