Star Wars Battlefront 2 will support PSVR according to Sony, here's what that could mean

Sony has confirmed that Star Wars Battlefront 2 will have some manner of PlayStation VR support. The most recent PlayStation newsletter put a prominent "PlayStation VR Compatible" badge on an image for the multiplayer shooter, as confirmed on both NeoGAF and UploadVR. Does that mean we can expect to play through all the multiplayer and single-player stuff in fully immersive VR? Well, probably not, but here are some more likely options.

Star Wars Battlefront (2015) is PSVR compatible too… depending on how you define it. The main game itself doesn't make use of VR, but Star Wars Battlefront's X-wing VR mission does to great effect. Developer Criterion led work on the VR mission and now it's taken ownership of Battlefront 2's vehicle systems, so hopefully it will be able to build on that experience. Maybe we'll get a special mission that TIEs into Star Wars: The Last Jedi (see what I did there) or maybe VR will be a fully integrated option for the single-player campaign. Resident Evil 7 pulled it off!

Multiplayer VR would be tougher, since it could give VR players a massive advantage (or disadvantage) in terms of awareness and aiming. If you've ever tried to play an FPS in VR you've seen and felt how it's totally different from playing on a screen. DICE would need to do a matchmaking pool just for VR players, but I can't imagine it would be popular enough to justify the extra option. Let's just file that under the "probably not" section for now.

I've asked both EA and Sony if they can tell me anything more about how Star Wars Battlefront 2 will support PlayStation VR. I'll update this story if I hear anything back.

Update: An EA representative wrote me back and said the company doesn't have anything to announce right now. No word from Sony yet.

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