Star Wars 1313 revealed, will put us in the boots of a Star Wars bounty hunter

Looks like that mysterious Star Wars 1313 trademark from a few months back was, indeed, pointing towards a game announcement, and it's similar to one of the rumors we mentioned when we speculated as to what the next Star Wars game might be. Tonight, LucasArts officially unveiled Star Wars 1313 on GameTrailers TV, lifting the curtain ever so slightly on the next big Star Wars game.

Though few details were given out (the rest will be saved for a more proper introduction complete with a trailer on Monday), we were able to get some basic information as to what 1313 is about. Players will be stepping into the armor of an as-of-yet unnamed bounty hunter on Coruscant, a wretched hive of scum and villainy that makes all others seem tame by comparison. Some quick shots during the video showed off a character that might have been the “hero,” though the developers were tight lipped. Original speculation drove us to believe that that said character would be a younger Boba Fett, considering the Mandalorian armor-wearing assassin once went by the alias of “1313,” that appears to be incorrect – 1313 refers to Level 1313, “a ruthless criminal underground deep below the surface of the planet of Coruscant."

Besides that, it has a Facebook page and some realestate on the LucasArts website, and a smattering of gameplay details that get us more than a little excited. We know that it’s going to be a third-person game with cinematic gameplay (sorry, Republic Commando fans), and we know that we’ll have access to “an arsenal of exotic weaponry” which we’ll be able to use to hunt down marks on our way to unraveling a criminal conspiracy. It’s looking to be a darker game, with LucasArts president Paul Meegan saying that it “dives into a part of the Star Wars mythos that we've always known existed, but never had a chance to visit." We’re hoping it's the part of the Star Wars mythos that doesn't involve gungans.

Obviously we'll be keeping a close eye on this one (or maybe we’ll flip down the blast shields and… nah, too easy), and expect to see it next week at E3. Stay tuned.

Hollander Cooper

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