Stan Lee Universe in development with over 100 of late Marvel creator's works

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

A new partnership between two of the late Stan Lee's most frequent business partners in the past 20 years to organize over 100 of his various post-Marvel Entertainment creations was announced by one of the parties Monday.

Genius Brands International announced what they describe as a partnership with Lee's former company POW! Entertainment for a new joint venture that is framed as the Hollywood "Holy Grail" - with "over 100, original, heretofore unexploited properties" created by the Marvel legend, with names like Tomorrow Men, Stringbean, Black Fury, and Virus.

(Image credit: Genius Brands/POW! Entertainment)

According to the announcement, POW! Entertainment, owners of the properties, has licensed their rights to the joint venture with Genius, with plans that include comic books, films, TV, online efforts, and licensing.

"It’s almost impossible to conceive that one mind created all this wealth," said Genius Brands chairman/CEO Andy Heyward in the announcement. "The spin-offs alone defy the imagination. From animated television, to toys, apparel, video games, and every conceivable licensed product imaginable, Stan Lee characters populate the screens and retail shelves worldwide.There is no creator who has influenced pop culture and created more successful entertainment. Not even Walt Disney."

The two companies (and Lee, before his passing) have had a long partnership leading up to this newly-announced venture, beginning in 2003 with an animated series called Stan Lee's Secret Super Six. Other projects have included the Stan Lee Comics line with Archie Comics and the upcoming animated series Superhero Kindergarten.

According to Genius Brands, Stan Lee Universe aims to "develop and license approximately seven properties per year" from this collection of Lee's non-Marvel work. 

Genius Brand's digital streaming channel, Kartoon Channel! (opens in new tab), plans to have dedicated programming black for Stan Lee Universe projects.

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