Stab his eyes! Stryfe is back for Cable #12 finale

Cable #12
(Image credit: Phil Noto (Marvel Comics))

You don't need a crystal ball to tell you it would come to this - Kid Cable will face the 'classic' Cable, and it all happens in July 28's Cable #12. As a bonus, you also have a clone Cable - Stryfe - also in the picture.

"The past and future of Nathan Summers will finally collide in a game-changing confrontation that will set this iconic character on a new path!" reads a Marvel press release from when the finale was announced.

Check out this preview of Cable #12 by Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto:

"I was grateful to be reunited with Cable in this exciting new era of the X-Men, and even more excited to be reunited with one of my most important collaborators, and friends," states Duggan said in the finale announcement. "Phil Noto and I have wrenched on a lot of comics together, and this one will be immortal because of his sublime work."

"On your feet, soldiers, we have our most dangerous battle in the final chapter," he concludes.

This showdown has been in the works since Kid Cable killed the original, older Cable way back in 2018's X-Men: Extermination #1. Call us hardened comic fans, but even back then we knew he'd eventually return - it's the 'illusion of change' that Marvel excels in.

"Cutting the cord! Young Mister Summers sends his regrets - he will not be attending the Hellfire Gala this year. Or ever again," reads Marvel's description for Cable #12.

What they're hinting at is the recent Hellfire Gala crossover of almost all of the X-Men titles, and the fact that they've teased that Kid Cable (AKA "Young Mister Summers") would die in this series finale, and therefore not make any future social events.

While Kid Cable's future looks to be DOA, the classic Cable already has his course plotted - deep space to take part in 'The Last Annihilation' event with Cable: Reloaded #1.

Cable #12's main cover is drawn by series artist Phil Noto (half of a connecting image with his Cable #11 cover). He's joined by a variant from Ernanda Souza. Check them both out here:

Cable #12 goes on sale on July 28.

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