Squirtle Squad is about to make a triumphant return to the Pokemon anime

Squirtle Squad Pokemon anime
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Ash and Pikachu's final season of the Pokemon anime has already welcomed back several old friends, but one of the most iconic ones is set to appear in the coming weeks.

As reported by Serebii.net on Twitter, The Pokemon Company has released a series of screenshots from the current season of the Pokemon anime. Widely known as Ash and Pikachu's 'final chapter', this season of the long-running tv show has seen the Pokemon trainer and his bestie reunite with several friends they've met over their 25-year-long journey. 

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So far, Ash & Pikachu have teamed up with the likes of Sceptile, Donphan, Noivern, and Buizel, and caught up with Misty and Psyduck - in one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the history of the Pokemon anime. Now, according to the new info released by anime publication Animage, Ash & Pikachu are set to get-together with not only Lapras but the fan favourite Squirtle Squad. 

According to Serebii (opens in new tab), the upcoming episodes are due to air on February 17 and February 24 and will feature Ash and Pikachu getting separated thanks to Team Rocket, and rescuing a trapped Wallmer with help from Lapras. The Squirtle Squad plotline hasn't been revealed yet but maybe it's best we don't know what shenanigans this reformed group of troublemakers will be up to ahead of time. 

If you're only familiar with Squirtle Squad from their very stylish sunglasses, here's what the group has been up to over the years. The group debuted in the first season of the Pokemon anime in an episode appropriately named Here Comes the Squirtle Squad. In the episode, they're causing trouble in the Kanto region by doing things like stealing things and writing graffiti. 

Thankfully, the leader of the squad turns over a new leaf and eventually joins Ash's team - influencing the other members to be better-behaving members of society and fight fires with Officer Jenny. It'll be great to see the squad get back together, especially since it's in honour of Ash and Pikachu who will soon step down as the lead protagonists of the Pokemon anime. 

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