I can't believe Pikachu was so heartless to Psyduck in the Pokemon anime

Psyduck looking stressed next to Misty
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In the latest episode of the Pokemon anime, Ash and Pikachu are reunited with Misty and Psyduck, and it's bittersweet. 

Carrying on with Ash and Pikachu's final chapter in the Pokemon anime, in this week's episode, the pair are reunited with Misty and her Pokemon Psyduck and Marill. In what should have been a very heartwarming reunion, Psyduck approaches Pikachu with its arms wide open, ready to embrace its old friend. Pikachu, however, has other ideas and completely ignores the sweet gesture, deciding instead to leap straight into Misty's arms. 

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We can't blame Pikachu for being excited to see Misty. She is of course, one of show's oldest companions. However, we can't forgive him for leaving poor Psyduck hanging like that. To make things worse, Psyduck doesn't quickly cover up the embarrassing interaction and instead stands there with its arms outstretched waiting for Pikachu to change his mind. It's not all bad though, Psyduck is met with sympathy from one of Ash's other Pokemon, Leavanny, who gently pats the disappointed Psyduck on the head. 

Pokemon fans had a similar reaction to us when they saw this clip. Many said that they are disappointed in Pikachu for being so rude, while others are just as heartbroken as we are. Some fans made light of the situation though, laughing at how brutal Pikachu was to the goofy water-type Pokemon. 

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If you haven't been keeping up with the Pokemon anime lately, here's what's been going on. It was announced last month that Ash and Pikachu will soon be exiting the Pokemon anime for good, after leading it for the past 25 years. Ash & Pikachu's final season, which is currently airing in Japan, has been an emotional rollercoaster for longtime fans with callbacks to old friends and even a remastered version of the original Pokemon theme song included in the pair's final episodes.

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