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Square Enix will announce several games planned for E3 this summer

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Square Enix is planning to announce multiple games, which were originally scheduled for its E3 2020 conference, by the end of August. 

The company was asked about its plans for the summer in the absence of E3 2020 in a recent stockholder meeting. Gematsu (opens in new tab) shared a full translation of the Japanese conversation (via No Investment, No Life (opens in new tab)), and both Google Translate and our own limited Japanese knowledge support it. Here's the company's full response:

"We would normally announce new games at E3, yes. We had planned to have a press conference as a replacement event but were unable to do so since assets were not complete. We’ll be announcing new titles individually as the timing permits. Several will debut around July to August."

Square Enix has already latched onto some digital alternatives to E3, the most recent being Sony's PS5 Future of Gaming event, where it announced next-gen fantasy action game Project Athia (opens in new tab). Athia seems to be very early in development, so we may not see it again for a while, but it's possible Square Enix will share more about it in the months ahead. Regardless, we can expect several new games to be shown by the end of August. Exactly what they are is anyone's guess. Perhaps a next-gen Tomb Raider or a new Final Fantasy spinoff, just off the top of my head. When we know more, you'll know more.

Next-gen wishlists are slowly expanding. Here are all the upcoming PS5 games (opens in new tab) and upcoming Xbox Series X games (opens in new tab) that we know of.  

Austin Wood
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