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Spore spawns Mario’s worst nightmare

Spore’s population of creatures continues to steadily rise since the game’s Creature Creator was released just a few weeks ago. We’ve already taken a look at how freaky Pokemon invaded Spore. But today it’s all about Mario.

From badass Bowsers to busted Bob-ombs, check out the most awesome and awful clones of Mario’s most memorable foes. If you’d like to get your hands on these bad guys for yourself, grab a copy of the Creature Creator and follow the download links below.

Author: boggy
Download link

Above: Author boggy has some of the best Mario clones on Sporepedia. Check out hisprofilefor other awesome creations

Author: Jukilum
Download link

Above: Not all bad guys are created equal. This baby Bowser will be riding the short bus to school

Author: 90toby1
Download link

Above: Things that look more like Bowser than this creature: a Ninja Turtle, a tennis ball, a can of Sprite, a moldy sandwich

Author: Judhudson
Download link

Author: KushinLos
Download link

Above: This Goomba makes us want to go bowling. Anyone up for a few frames?

Author: LoJinx
Download link

Above: A Goomba from the old live action Mario movie. But he’s naked

Above: A Goomba from the Mario movie with clothes