Splitgate will stay in open beta "for the foreseeable future"

Splitgate races
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In the wake of its wildly successful early access console launch, Splitgate will now remain in open beta "for the foreseeable future."

As we wrote a couple of weeks back at the dawn of the Splitgate explosion, this Halo-meets-Portal multiplayer FPS has become too popular for its own good. Though wait times have dropped dramatically, there was a point where players were enduring through 90-minute queues to play.

Splitgate was supposed to leave early access in July, but an open beta release on consoles acted as a catalyst for a massive surge in interest and player numbers, causing developer 1047 Games to extend its open beta into August. Now, still struggling to keep up with its own success, the studio has announced that Splitgate will stay in open beta indefinitely.

"We never dreamed of having to scale this big this quickly, and as a result we have had to overcome challenges to keep up with player demand," said 1047 co-founder and CEO Ian Proulx. "We met several major milestones in a short time, creating a stable platform where fans can expect to find a server to play on relatively quickly, and I'm proud of what our team has accomplished - but there's a lot more to come!"

1047 says Splitgate went from hosting 4,000 concurrent players to more than 175,000 in a matter of weeks. A jump like that requires fortifying the backend framework and rolling out smaller updates and bug fixes on a regular schedule, so it's understandable that the studio needs a little longer to prep the game's full release.

In the meantime, check out these handy Splitgate tips to get the edge on the enemy even when your own team is a bunch of goobers.

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