Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer is full of stealth, explosions, freedom

Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher is due back for another tour of duty in next year's Splinter Cell Blacklist, which sees the hero returning to his high-tech roots as he hunts down global terrorists as they attempt to terrorize people. In a new trailer, we get to see Sam doing what he does best: Stabbing people in the neck who don't answer questions as succinctly as he wants. Take a look, and remember to just say "yes" or "no" if Sam has a knife to your throat.

The trailer looks a lot more stealth-focused than some of the others released which appeared to be thrusting the series in a more action-oriented route. This refocus on hiding in the shadows will undoubtedly make fans of the original games smile, even if it still has glimpses of sliding over trucks and mowing down enemies with machine guns.
Blacklist is due out early next year, so be sure to stick around for more news on Fisher's upcoming adventures as the release approaches.

Hollander Cooper

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