Splatoon meets Team Fortress 2 in splashy mod

"You're a drunken Scottish cyclops now, you're a squid now." That version may not rhyme, but it does result in an impressive-looking Team Fortress 2 mod.

Recently announced by YouTube user DrLilRobot (also known as Dr. SquidBot on Steam), the new Splat Fortress mod drops Splatoon mechanics straight into TF2, where the Demoman's Sticky Jumper bombs are repurposed into extra-large paint balls. The cyclops-to-squid mechanics are fully realized in this mod, and while the swimming animations are fairly basic, the fact that it happened at all makes up for the lack of eye-catching paint splatter. While it currently only supports the Demoman class and the exclusive use of the Sticky Jumper, coder FlaminSarge has said more is planned if TF2 keeps playing along.

Splatoon and TF2 may seem like an odd match-up, but this isn't the first time DrLilRobot and company have designed a Nintendo-centric mod for Valve's quirky shooter. Last March saw the release of another TF2 mod based on the Final Destination level of Super Smash Bros, where a pistol is your only defense against Master Hand and Crazy Hand. Hopefully, Splat Fortress won't send us all into horrible childhood flashbacks. Or is that just me?

Ashley Reed

Former Associate Editor at GamesRadar, Ashley is now Lead Writer at Respawn working on Apex Legends. She's a lover of FPS titles, horror games, and stealth games. If you can see her, you're already dead.